Sunday, June 15, 2008


I always have tons of plans swimming around in my head, but never seem to get the time to do all of them with three little ones. I suppose soon enough I'll have all the time in the world to do my crafts and wish I had little ones around again. I love my boys, and I feel very blessed to have them.

Anyway, I am making a ring sling today and am thinking of a pattern in my head for a cool apron. I think every house should have at least one apron. Even if it just hangs on the hook. LOL.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Menstrual Pad tutorial

I came up with this pattern after researching other patterns and likeing them, but wanting to change one thing or another. Feel free to use this pattern for yourself and friends, but please don't use it to make a profit. I would rather you come up with your own, it's much more rewarding that way.

The pattern
*Please ignore the gross looking ironing board cover. I so need a new one.*

Cut a circle 8"-10" in diameter, depending on how long you would like it, on a piece of paper. I used cardstock.

Using this cut three circles. Two for the outside of your pad, what you will see. One out of diaper flannel, or if you want it waterproof PUL.

Cut a rectangle 14"-18" out of terry cloth. I used an old towel. Fold this in half to use for the center soaker.

How to put it all together

Take one outer circle, the flannel circle, and the soaker pad and layer them on top of each other. Right side of your outer fabric facing down.
**See picture above**

Sew the soaker pad to these two layers in a long pad shaped oval. Cut the square ends off to make them round. You can cut them out in an oval to begin with, but I find this way much easier. Then sew a few lines in the middle to create 'canals' in your pad.

Then place the part you just constructed right side down on top of the second outer circle of fabric, right sides together.
Sew these together leaving a space to turn it.

Turn and topstich using whatever stitch you like. I used a zig zag, for no other reason than I like the way it look.

Finaly, put snaps on with a snap press or sew them on and you're ready to use them. I didn't put the snaps on yet, I just pointed to where you would place them. If you don't want to mess with snaps at all, you can just use a diaper pin to pin the wings together. It works just fine that way too.

Your finished product...

****For heavier days, if you don't use the PUL, I would suggest putting some extra material between the pad and your underwear. I just took a washcloth(one of the packages you can get 18 for $3 at Walmart), cut it in half, zig zagged the edge and folded that in half lengthwise. It made it a little more bulky, but still not bad. I was still able to wear jeans without it being noticable.

About this blog

I'm Laura, this blogs owner. I've taught myself many different kinds of crafts. I can sew, knit, crochet, braid rugs, and bead. I do okay at all of them, but am best at sewing. I do enjoy all of it when I get a chance to do any of it with my three boys to take care of.

I am excited to start this blog and share my ideas and creations with others. I'm not a very good blogger. I don't really blog every day, it goes in spurts, so if you are a daily reader, I am sorry. I hope anyone who checks this blog out enjoys it.